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Molded product

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We are committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of silicone rubber extrusion products and molded products. Our main products include medical grade (food grade) silicone tubes, silicone strips, silicone wires, decorative insulation accessories, seals, and other series of products. 




The product is suitable for industries such as aerospace, instrumentation, railway transportation, electrical appliances, household appliances, kitchenware, medical equipment, etc. We can provide customers with OEM/ODM customization services for various silicone products. Integrity is the foundation of our survival, quality is the foundation of our products, and our policy is mutual benefit and win-win.
The company has a high-quality and youthful silicone product customization team, which strictly formulates and implements production process procedures and quality control systems; Our external company adheres to the principle of "serving customers" and implements a tracking management approach of "person order integration" from inquiry to technical communication, to delivery, after-sales service, and quality coordination.

Keywords: silicone tube series | silicone wire series | irregular rubber strip series | molded product series

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