How to make silicone products last longer

The scope and widespread use of silicone products in daily life. We can see its presence in mechanical components, household items, and kitchen supplies. Like other materials, silicone products are inevitably subject to wear and tear during use. So, if we want to extend the usage time of these silicone products, we should do a good job in daily cleaning and maintenance of the products. This article will provide you with some common methods to make your silicone products as beautiful as new. Firstly, silicone products should not be exposed to strong light for a long time, as this can cause changes in the structure of the silicone, leading to cracking, gradual hardening, and fracture of the silicone products. So silicone products need to be stored in a cool and suitable temperature place. In addition, if silicone products get dirty during use, they can be rinsed with clean water and then wiped dry with a cloth. If there are oil stains, glue, dust or dirt, we can apply toothpaste and Fengyou essence on the surface of the article for wiping, which can effectively remove the stains without residue. Alternatively, using alcohol or soap can have a significant effect without worrying about discoloration, effectively preventing the yellowing and blackening of silicone products. After cleaning, please dry the items and store them in a dry and cool place, avoiding exposure to sunlight and oil fumes. At the same time, in daily use, do not cut silicone products with sharp objects, and do not press silicone products under heavy objects for a long time, which may cause them to bend and deform. Pay attention to placing it in a clean environment to avoid silica gel products adsorbing dust. Ketaili Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of customized silicone products, with a history of 17 years in the silicone product industry. We have our own mold room. If any customers have any questions about silicone products, please feel free to consult us. We will provide you with comprehensive solutions.

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